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Foster Care REimagined

Need Support Groups

We can provide you with local support groups in your area to provide encouragement .

Need Help

We have a team of dedicated lawyers, and counselors who are willing to help answer your questions so you can proceed with the best interest ahead for your case and placement.

Interested in fostering

We can direct you to your local CPS office to get you started on your foster journey.

Foster Parent Bill of Rights

We are so excited about the newly signed bill that has put a Foster Parent bill of rights into law giving foster parents a clearer explanation of what their rights are in the guardianship of the placement in their care. 

Need to file a Grievance?

As a foster parent, you now have rights as a guardian chosen by the state to advocate for the children placed in your care. If you feel that those rights have not been adhered too, we can show you how to file a grievance. 

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