Churches can reach their Foster Care Community

Frontline Families Advocacy Group has several ways we can help connect the church to their local foster care communities while providing physical needs, spiritual guidance, and encouragement.

Abigail’s Closet

We can help you set up a closet in you church that can help encourage CPS workers and foster parents to provide needs to the community.


We can help you create a wrap around system for foster families in your church helping them with encouragement along with showing love to the children in their care.


With this program, we teach your leaders how to host classes to train Biological parents in basic life skills as an approach to get their children back.

Book a Service

We would love to book a service with your church and share what we do and how they can become involved in reaching their foster care community.

We’ve got you covered

As former pastor’s, we know the many demands that pastor’s face, so let us do it for you. We can help train leaders in you church to run these programs so you don’t have too. 

Want to talk with us about these options?